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TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a test that measures your ability to speak, read, and write in English at a college or university. This test is one of the best measure of whether you are ready to attend college in an English speaking school. While you may think that you speak and write English well, doing so at the college level is completely different, especially if you’ve learned as a foreign language.

What is contained in the TOEFL? Internet-based test is a good or a paper-based. Both are testing the same thing, but in a slightly different format. This assessment is to test your ability to read, listen, speak and write English. You will be asked to read passages and then answer questions on them. You will also be asked to listen to a lecture which is a college-level courses, followed by more questions. Some tasks will require a verbal answer, and you will be asked to write two parts. Lectures, reading passages, and questions are all designed to reflect the types of tasks you will be asked to perform at the college level.

Who needs the TOEFL? Students who wish to attend the English-speaking university or college but have learned English as a foreign language must take the TOEFL before applying to the school of their choice. Many schools require scores from these tests for admission. Even if your school does not require it, have a good score can help you have an advantage over other applicants if there are limited openings available.

Beyond the admission requirements, the TOEFL will help you assess whether you have the skills necessary for academic situations in the school of your choice. You will need to be able to hear the lectures, write papers, and verbally communicate with teachers and classmates. TOEFL will show you whether you have reached the level of English fluency. If you need more practice, preparing for the exam will give you that practice.

Benefits of TOEFL – TOEFL is the assessment of English fluency accepted by more than 6,000 institutions. You might think that all this is in America or Great Britain, but they are spread all over the world in 110 countries. Nearly every university in the English-speaking countries such as the major U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, use TOEFL scores to determine whether or not non-English speakers can be admitted to their programs, received a scholarship, or enter graduate school.

Another benefit of the TOEFL test of English proficiency on the other is the fact that there are more than 4,000 test centers you can use. If you must travel, you will save time and money because the tests can be completed in one day.

Finally, this test gives you bias the size of your English. Test scores are anonymous, and no interviews are included as part of the process. If you know English well, you will score well, plain and simple. TOEFL is the best measure of your ability to succeed in an English language course

Types and Benefits Toefl :


Top of Form

TOEFL ® ITP (Institutional Testing Program) differs from the program TOEFL ® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) more because this program provides an opportunity for universities / institutions to run their own TOEFL ® writing long form and can use the facilities and staff they have.
       ITP has been executed since the previous test, Educational Testing Services (ETS) can not guarantee that the program is completely safe. Therefore, the ITP should not be used for admission to college or university or for other purposes at high risk. This exam is only used as a tool for measuring English language skills a person whose native language is not English.
       At this time more than 1200 schools, colleges, and private agencies around the world participated in the Institutional Testing Program (ITP). IIEF is ETS representative in Indonesia, which manages ITP for more than 70 institutions in Indonesia.
       ITP offers two exams, the TOEFL ® ITP pre-general and TOEFL exams. TOEFL ® ITP exam to assess knowledge of English at intermediate and advanced levels, whereas pre-TOEFL measures the same language skills as the TOEFL ® test, but with a lower level of difficulty and with a shorter examination time.

The use of ITP
       ITP exam is designed to be a measure of one’s skills in English, rather than assessing the academic intelligence. The use of the ITP to predict academic performance of one’s intelligence is not recommended.
       Each institution that requires TOEFL ® must decide for itself what it’s worth or how much the limit of acceptable values. These requirements vary from one institution and other institutions.
IIEF ETS and will not provide information in whatever form that may be identified with an institution, agency, or organization without the written permission of the institution or agency.

Is the TOEFL ® ITP for?
       TOEFL ® ITP should not be used as an admission requirement in colleges or universities or for things that are high risk. This value is also not acceptable to use an International scale. Exceptions can be applied to the TOEFL ® ITP is acceptable for the purposes of English language proficiency exam requirements for the acceptance of students in schools that do not use English as the language of instruction. However, this test is considered appropriate for the following purposes.

    Prediction: To predict the success of a participant in the International TOEFL ® exam.
    Assessment: Determining the level of English proficiency at the beginning and end of an educational program.
    Training: Familiarize students or examinees with a form of multiple choice exams.
    Placement: Placing a person in an English course at a level appropriate to their abilities.
    Screening: Choosing candidates for study abroad, or for those who are applying for a job position, or to get a scholarship.
    Determination of a person’s level of English language skills.
    TOEFL ® ITP users

Institutions that have benefited from the use of ITP is as follows: Consultation Institute of Education, English Language Institute, University and schools, bank, government agency, private company
No Time Limit section. Questions
Listening Comprehension 30-40 minutes 50
Structure and Written Expression 25 minutes 40
Reading Comprehension 55 minutes 50

Note: The sample questions can not be used as a reference about the TOEFL will be faced participants. Participants will gain about the same test every time you make a test.
Source: www. / testing
There is more information about the TOEFL iBT ™, TOEFL ® ITP is different from the above, the following if you want to use in school / college abroad, which I get from

TOEFL iBT ™ test, which is conducted on the Internet, is an important stage of your preparation for continuing education in a country that uses English. In addition to the test, are also available tools and guides to help you prepare for tests and improve your ability to speak English.

The TOEFL ® (Test of English as a Foreign Language ™) is an English language test that counted most in the world, recognized by more than 7,500 schools, colleges and institutes in more than 130 countries. Wherever you wish to continue their education, the TOEFL test can help you achieve your goals.

   TOEFL iBT ™ Benefits
TOEFL iBT emphasizes integrated skills in English and can provide better information to institutions about students’ ability to communicate in teaching and learning and their readiness to participate in educational programs. With Internet-based TOEFL iBT can record the conversation and assess it according to standards. Registration and reporting scores to make it easier for students to register for the TOEFL iBT test and receive their test scores.

Who uses the TOEFL iBT ™ score?

    Students who plan to continue their education to a higher level
    For receiving and passing on the English language program
    Scholarships and the certification of candidates in any field
    Those who want to learn English to improve its ability
    Students and workers who apply for visa
    Other organizations can also use TOEFL iBT ™:

    Department of Immigration to issue a visa to live and work
    Medical and licensing agencies to use for the purpose of professional certification
    Individuals to measure their progress in learning English
    TOEFL iBT ™ test emphasizes integrated skills and measures the four language skills, including speaking. Matter contained in the matter of the authentic and the language used in accordance with the daily use in an educational

    Consists of four parts, namely:
    Reading to measure reading skills in English in the academic world
    Listening measures the ability to hear English being used in all aspects of the academy and colleges
    Speaking measures the ability to speak English
    Writing measures the ability to write in English as required in the academy and colleges

Fill about TOEFL iBT is based on a “corpus,” or database, of spoken and written language that currently contains more than 2.7 million words, collected from educational institutions across the United States.

The language used in the database collected from:

    Lectures and interaction in the classroom
    The talks are conducted during working hours in an academic environment
    Group discussion
    Service interaction is done daily (eg at a bookstore or registration of space)
    For languages that are written in a matter collected from various sources, such as textbooks and course material
    Listening and Reading texts in accordance with the characteristics of the existing language in the database



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